About Us

Janet Tomlinson, M. Ed., RCT, CCC



Our two-legged Registered Counseling Therapist is the founder of Healing Through Horses and offers Equine Facilitated Counseling.

Janet is with the Nova Scotia College of Counseling Therapists and has a Masters of Education (Counseling) through Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. She has additional training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Janet currently works full time in the field of mental and addiction issues.

She has been around horses and riding for over 10 years now. She has known and felt the therapeutic support and presence of horses in her own life. 

Our Co-Therapists (The Herd)



Our four legged professionals are not 'tools' to be utilized in the therapeutic work we do but rather are co-therapist. They have their own feelings and personal experiences which can be relatable to clients.

Kallie (left) is a  22y Paint Horse mare, and leader of our small but mighty herd. Kallie is a gentle but serious keeper of her herd. You will often find her standing watch in the pasture. She is very sensitive and initially can be timid until she knows you are safe and mean no harm. She is cautious of new things and people. Kallie was 'gifted' to me and she has been a gift to our family. She has been here for three years. Kallie had an early history of being mistreated and also had eight babies! She also experienced the loss of twins. Kallie then went on to a wonderful home where she was loved before coming to live with us.

Emme (right) is a 20 year old Morganmare. Emme was my first horse I bought a mere eight years ago. She is a gentle and beautiful horse. Emme is curious by nature and tends to like people but can be stubborn! Emme had been through many owners until she came to me and so she has had to learn to respect and trust people.

Fiddich (pictured with Janet, above) is a four month old American Paint Horse colt. He was born April 3, 2017 at Meadow Brook Stables in Alton, Nova Scotia. Fiddich will be (hopefully) a show horse first, and we shall see where his potential will go from there. He may have a calling to be a co-therapist someday but for now he is around for hugs. He is a growing boy and can be rambunctious so any hugs will be cautionary! So far he seems to have a wonderful personality and temperament. He and I will continue our journey of training and growing together. We are very happy and proud to have him, and as an extra bonus his maternal grandmother is 

none other than our Kallie

Four-Legged Helpers



Katie (not pictured) is an eight month old Australian Shepherd. She came to us in January 2017 and has not slowed down much since! Katie has had some health challenges, unfortunately, in her short life but seems to be overcoming them well! She is fast, has a loving personality and loves people! She is young and still learning the ropes of living at our farm, but I'm sure she'll adjust soon.

Sadie (bottom left) is an eight month old Doberman Pinscher. She also came to us in January 2017. She is quite fast and boisterous. She and Katie make quite a pair around here. She has a sweet and loving disposition and also loves people and attention. She, too, is learning life on the farm and seems to be adjusting well.

Tigg (bottom right) and Tab (top) are our three year old barn cats. They are brothers and fantastic barn cats! They also love people and food. They show up just about anywhere around here when you least expect them and love cuddles! They were born at a farm and are used to the horses...and are getting used to Katie and Sadie!